We are pleased to announce that IRC’s 27th Annual Conference and Trade Show, held June 12-14, 2017 at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis, was a smashing success!  The Conference was attended by over 200 recycling stakeholders representative of all kinds of backgrounds, regions, and interests in waste reduction.

Thank you to all who attended The Tour, Opening Night Reception, IFSI meeting, Glass Workshop, Luncheons, and The Conference!  A very special thank you to our sponsors (listed below), expert speakers, exhibitors and all those who donated items to our silent auction.  Below you will find the conference program, speaker presentations, photo gallery, attendee list, and a list of our amazing conference sponsors.  Thank you for supporting the Indiana Recycling Coalition’s efforts to advance recycling in Indiana by attending The Conference!

Thank you for supporting the Indiana Recycling Coalition’s efforts to advance waste reduction efforts in Indiana by attending The Conference!



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2017 Conference Program and exhibitor list

2017 Attendee List 

Plenary Session

“National Industry & Policy Trends: Impacts of Elections, Markets, & More!” – Jerry Powell, Resource Recycling

“Repurposing: A New Frontier in Landfill Diversion” – Damon Carson, repurposedMATERIALS

“Get Schooled! K through College Sustainability”

IU Bloomington, Steve Akers, Caryn Hojnicki

Brook Park Elementary, Sonya Schkabla, Russ Harpold

IUPUI Sustainability, Jessica Davis

Earth Charter Indiana, Jim Poyser

“Tracking & Reporting Tools in the Internet Age & How They Inform the State of Recycling”

Greg Overtoom, IDEM

Re-Trac Connect, Chris Ronson

EPA Region 5, Susan Vescovi

Keynote Address

“Sustainable Packaging Leadership in a Circular Economy – P&G Goals, Progress, & Partnerships” – Stephen Sikra, Proctor & Gamble

Plenary Session: “Modern Commodity Markets: Plastic, Paper, Glass & Steel, Hear These Experts Get Real!”

Paul England, Pratt Industries

Dave Keeling, Steel Recycling Institute

Jeff Boris, Alcoa Corporation

Bryan Vickers, Glass Packaging Institute

Steve Navedo, Perpetual Recycling Solutions

“Fields, Flowers & Furniture: Success Stories in Reuse”

Michele Oertel, Indiana Brownfields Program

Lindsay Potter, Random Acts of Flowers

Noma Maier, Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale

Kelly Weger, Purdue MEP

“Wine, Dine, & Meet the Triple Bottom Line”

Clay Robinson, Sun King Brewing Co.

Rachael Hoover-Lekic, Patachou, Inc.

David Waldman, Triton Brewing Co.

“Business & Bloggers: Zero Waste Trends in Corporate & Community Culture”

Giri Veerameethu, American Licorice Co.

Celia Ristow, Zero Waste Chicago

“Creating Healthy Habitats for Humanity: Concepts & Case Studies”

Jason Haney, Habitat for Humanity (presentation unavailable)

Daniel Overbey, Browns Dierdorf Mullins


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