The IRC encourages environmental education at all ages!  Due to staffing constraints, the IRC usually cannot make in-person appearances to elementary and high schools.  However, we compiled the following educational resources for teachers, parents, and anyone else who wants to learn or teach students about recycling.


Interactive Online Games for the Classroom 

Captain Cullet (Glass Recycling information and curriculum resources for school)

Climate Kids (NASA’S climate change website focusing global warming, how it affects our oceans, carbon’s role, what can we do, etc.)

Recycle City (EPA’s interactive game to show how a city can recycle)

ROSCOE (Children’s Environmental Education from the Steel Recycling Institute)

Exploring the Environment

Planet Pals (kid’s environmental activities)

Glass Recycling Guide for Kids 


Recycled Crafts for Kids or the Classroom

Craftbits (We were initially attracted to their chalkboard made from old cardboard but they’ve got several other innovative projects worth checking out!)

Decorative Arts and Crafts Resources (great resources for art projects, including a recycling game!)

Green American (Information about the safety/toxicity of art supplies)

Imagination Factory’s Trash Matcher (Arts & crafts projects using reusable materials)

Kinder Art (Recycling lessons and activities using a wide variety of reusable materials)


Educational Videos

Below are links to videos demonstrating how common materials are recycled!

For Kids

What Can I Recycle?
How to Prepare Your Home Recyclables – Republic Services (for 4-5 yo’s)
How Recycling Works  (for 6-9 yo’s)


Behind the scenes at the world’s largest plastic bag recycling facility
CarbonLite: Inside the World’s Largest Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant
Why you can’t always recycle plastic bags
Where you CAN recycle plastic film
How Plastic Bottles are Recycled into Polyester

What Really Happens to the Plastic You Throw Away – Emma Bryce (Ted-ED)


Paper Recycling at Pratt Industries


How is cardboard recycled?


Steel Recycling 
Aluminum Recycling


Economics of Glass Recycling – Strategic Materials 

Glass Recycling – PBS
Glass Recycling 


Electronic Waste

E-Cycling Overview

Household Hazardous Waste

What to do with household hazardous waste
Identifying Hazardous Waste Symbols 

Waste to Energy

Trash to Energy Explanation – Science Channel 


Thanks for teaching your students about this important issue!