UPDATED 01/05/17

EXTENDED 2016-2017 APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 31, 2017

The Student Recycling Leadership Corps is an opportunity for Indiana high school students to grow the impact of K-12 recycling programs and away-from-home recycling by facilitating the Recycle Rally program in their schools and implementing public space recycling projects in their communities.

Students accepted into the Leadership Corps are required to complete a one-year commitment during their Junior or Senior year of high school. Students will gain leadership skills, work experience, and a $1000 scholarship upon completion of the program. The goal of the Leadership Corps is to engage Student Leaders across Indiana in recycling initiatives in their communities, building the next generation of recycling champions. Through Student Leader reporting, the IRC will tally the amount of material recycled by weight and/or volume from each student project.

Recycle Rally is a nationwide school recycling program designed to raise awareness among K-12 students about the importance of recycling and encourage them to take action and make recycling part of their lives. This program aims to take K-12 school recycling programs to the next level, expanding to more schools across the nation, and offering new opportunities for involvement. Through the program, schools earn rewards, gain access to educational tools and connect to a national recycling effort.

For more information:
Contact: Danni Schaust
Phone: 317-632-5915

View Call for Applications & Checklist: srlc-call-for-applications